Bola Sarumi-Aliyu Celebrates Dele Momodu at 59, Calls Him An ‘Asset of The Democratic Struggle’

Mrs. Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu, has congratulated famed journalist, publisher and businessman, Basorun Dele Momodu, on his 59th birthday. Sarumi-Aliyu, the convener of BASA Foundation described Basorun Momodu, the publisher of Ovation International as “an asset of the democratic struggle”.
“Basorun Momodu should be appreciated for the role he played in ensuring that Nigeria did not spin out of orbit during the dark days of the military junta”, Sarumi-Aliyu said in a statement. She went on to describe his experience across various sectors as infinitely precious. “Basorun Dele Momodu was one of those who changed the face of journalism in Nigeria and till date, his relevance has continued to move at full gallop. His column, ‘Pendulum’ bears testimony of his deep knowledge of Nigeria and her issues”.
According to Mrs. Sarumi-Aliyu, who was a governorship candidate in Oyo State in the 2019 election, “Basorun Dele Momodu’s life is a lesson that anything is possible for those who believe in their dreams and work towards them. With A Bachelor’s degree in Yoruba and a Masters in English Literature, he rose against the odds and became a man many journalists look up to. As the News Editor of Weekend Concord, he showed class and brilliance.”
Giving reasons for describing Momodu as an asset to the democratic struggle, Bola Sarumi-Aliyu, fondly called “Jagaban of  the poor”, stated that “in those days when bedlam overtook reason, Dele Momodu was one of those who dared to speak against the military dictators. Not only was he arrested and detained by agents of the state after the annulment of the June 12, 1993 election, he was one of those penciled down for elimination by the next junta and was thus forced into exile. For years, he could neither go home nor have access to his family.
Men who made such sacrifices to lay the foundation of the democracy we presently enjoy deserve to be celebrated.”

While urging youths to learn from Momodu’s love and dedication to his country, she disclosed that “I particularly appreciate him for the role he played in my political journey. His continued advice, mentorship and support helped propel someone like me to contest an election to become the governor of my state”.

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