Nigeria’s 15 Most Influential Instagram Comedians With Verified Accounts

Emmanuel Okafor

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and launched in October 2010 exclusively on iOS. These days, countless Nigerians are showing off their talents, skills, abilities and businesses on social media, especially Instagram. In this edition of Okafor’s Gist, my focus will be on comedy.  I will introduce you to 15 of the most gifted comedians with verified badges (A verified badge means “that Instagram has confirmed that the account is authentic for the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents). “Accounts representing well-known figures and brands are verified because they have a high likelihood of being impersonated).

They have stormed social media with their craft and have become household names. These amazing people are funny, creative and are internet sensations and have changed the face of comedy from what it used to be. They have become big brands and are raking lots of money on Instagram through multimillion-naira endorsements, music video appearances, movie roles, digital advertising for big brands and lots more, hence, giving analogue comedians a run for their money.



Comedy is no rocket science. It is simply the business of making people temporarily ‘forget their sorrows’ through laughter-provoking jokes. Nigeria’s comedy industry has made some positive improvements in the recent past with the appearance of companies such as Mark Angel Comedy in the scene. Rather than compete against the likes of AY, Basketmouth and I Go Die, who are already established in stand-up comedy, Mark Angel, like some other young men, decided to try his luck through the making of comic video skits on Instagram. An arm of comedy that was not really blooming at the time but had potentials, the Mark Angel Comedy has taken over the airwaves with its hilarious comedy skits which never fail to leave a viewer laughing.

Without doubt, Mark Angel Comedy has taken the business to the next level and has found its way to the top of the comedy skit chain in Nigeria with a huge fan base on Instagram that led to their account being verified.

So far, Mark Angel Comedy is made up of three major team members- Mark Angel, Denilson Igwe and Emmanuella Samuel along their newly joined baby Aunty Success.  This group of comedians is one of the most talked about Instagram comedians in Nigeria.

About Emmanuella

Mark Angel Comedy cannot be complete without discussing the main character Emmanuella. Many people say Emmanuella is the daughter of Mark Angel, some say he is an uncle to her while others have wrongly concluded that she is just a little girl he is training to be a star.

Now that we are done with Mark Angel, it is time to enlighten you about the award-winning, child star and second-half of the Comedy Trinity, Emmanuella! Emmanuella’s full name is Emmanuella Samuel. She is Mark Angel’s niece and just like Mark, Emmanuella spent her early years in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. She has lived with Mark Angel and his family from a tender age. In case you are wondering if the little girl’s parents are alive, it might interest you to know that they are.


If you know this person, then you probably adore his jokes. Crazeclown’s biography is another success story which all young Nigerians should know if they want to make it in life. He is known as Dr. CrazeClown or just “Papa-Ade.” Let’s check out some interesting facts about this comedian!!

The real name of this famous comedian is Emmanuel Ogonna Iwueke. CrazeClown is 26 years old and was born on the 24th of December 1991. He is a Medical graduate and guess what ladies? he is not married! Emmanuel Iwueke is one of the rising comedy stars in Nigeria. He became popular thanks to his short comedy skits on Instagram. He is now also a NairaBet brand ambassador.


CrazeClown’s Background

CrazeClown is not the only child in his family. His parents also have three more sons and one daughter. His father is from Imo State while his mother was born in Edo. Both his parents are in the medical sector. This is why CrazeClown decided to follow in their steps and pursue medicine. He finished school in 2008 and studied at Kharkiv National Medical University (Ukraine).His is a very proud son of to his parents.

In many interviews, CrazeClown expresses his love for his family. They are very helpful and provide moral support when he needs it. He is very close to his father and they have often played many pranks on each other. Although he has a Medical Degree, he is more of a comedian nowadays and is a source of laughter for many people.

CrazeClown’s Career

CrazeClown started his comedy sketches at a very young age. He was even able to host several events in his school. He is very passionate about entertainment and medicine. CrazeClown’s first appearance was in 2013. He is now one of the biggest Instagram comedy actors in Nigeria and is one of the most followed Nigerians on Instagram. CrazeClown’s audience consists of various types of people from different age groups and demography. He is not only an Instagram star but also a professional entertainer! He is currently trying to set up his new brand – “Craze Clown Production.” He hopes it will become a strong force in the Television and Media sphere of Nigeria. His other main project is “House of Craze.” He is working on getting a team of professionals who can help him bring his projects into reality. For now, he works with Victor O. Frank who is the CEO of “Studio Four Production.” CrazeClown believes that with the help of this professional, his comedy skits will be taken to a new level. To make himself stand out, he also has a personalized clothing brand for his fans.


Frank Donga whose real name is Kunle Idowu is a Nigerian actor, comedian and journalist who came to limelight through the comedy series ‘The Interview’. Kunle obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun state along with a Masters degree in Animal Genetics. Kunle started his acting and comic career at a very tender age and while in the university, he was able to anchor events, birthday parties.

Donga is a professional at what he does, making films, short flms, videos and documentaries for almost five years now. Kunle has starred in numerous movies including; The Wedding Party, Tatu, Idahosa Trials, Hakkunde, Seven and a Half Date, The Foreigner’s God and many others.




Twyse whose real name is Ereme Abraham, is a popular Nigerian comedian, video editor and Instagram sensation known for his comedy skits online.  Tywse came to the limelight for his comedy skit “My Mum slapping a pan on my maid in the kitchen” which was posted by Aphrican Ape and Krakstv on their page. This in turn brought much fame and attracted lots of followers. He is well known for his creativity, passion and consistency. In what started as a result of boredom is now a full-time job. Let’s get to know a bit more about him in more details.

Early Life & Background – Twyse Ereme who is from Edo State, is the only child of his parents. He attended Obiye Primary School, Port Harcourt, Saint Isabel Nursery and Primary School, Ibadan and Federal Government College for his secondary school education. Twyse obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Graphics Design and Animation at Annamalai University in Chennai, India. He also studied Information & Communication Technology at Metropolitan University, London.


Twyse who has done more than 100 comedy videos also runs a series named Twyse and Family. It is a three-part series which is an interrogation of all the members of the Twyse family. This includes Daddy Tobi, Mummy Tobi, Tobi, Taofeek, Sade, Ridwan, Gradma and of course the talented comedian Aphrican Ape. Twyse and Family tries to incorporate real life situation of the African home to the screen. The uniqueness of the characters he creates is what made him stand out. It’s an impressive work from him as it shows that he’s not only good in production but can also act very well.


KlintonCod whose real name is Ekene Clinton Egbuna is a UK based Nigerian comedian and MC known for sharing short comic clips online. Clinton was born in Warri City, Delta State Part of Nigeria. He obtained a degree in Biomedical Science from Anglia Ruskin University in UK and a Master’s degree in Public Health at University of Bedfordshire.

Clinton worked as a project manager in a London based Health Consultancy for a few years before he later went for a second Master’s degree in Adult Nursing. Upon realizing his potential for comedy, Clinton dropped out a few months later.

Clinton started off his career in the industry as a gospel comedian while delivering powerful performances across various parishes with his undiluted anointing to make people laugh. Besides comedy, he is also a content creator, social media consultant and Master of Ceremony. No information in terms of his wife but he does has a cute son named Noah. More updates to come soon.



BrodaShaggi’s real name is Samuel Perry. Although he is popularly known as ‘Brodashaggi oya hit me’ in his comedy skit,you will now learn more about him, his profile,net worth, his relationship to Aunty Shaggi, his biography and his education.

As a child, Samuel Perry had always had the passion to act drama. He also knew he had the flare to be a comedian. According to him, he was motivated by his late father who taught drama at Mayflower Junior School, Ikenne, Ogun State. Since then, he has acted many roles and played many characters such as Inspector Perry, a policeman, Professor Dele, and Akonni Ibadan. This was before the stage name Brodashaggi came to existence. It was at UNILAG that Shaggi took his comedy talent serious.

In an interview, he said, “comedy is what I love doing and I like to make it as real as possible so that people can relate with it. I like to make people laugh, so, when they watch me, all they do is laugh despite the situation of the country. My aim is to affect people with comedy in a good way. That was what prompted me into doing comedy in the first place.”

The name Brodashaggi came about when he went to his mechanic’s workshop and overheard some of the mechanics playing around the character. He liked the prospect because of its funny nature and it really made him laugh. Samuel decided to use it and since then has been successful and unique in all comedy skits that he create.


Many people believe that Brodashaggi and Aunty Shaggiare truly dating in real life. But Broda Shaggi’s interviewer Sophia Urien, by her real name, are not related in any way as they only do comedy videos together. According to him, they met at a movie location. He shared his idea with her and they connected.


Our next comedy star is Instagram personality from the ancient city Ibadan who is widely recognized for creating original skits and posting them on his @woliagba_ayoajewole Instagram account. His full name is Ayo Ajewole.  Ayobami Kunle was born on November 20th, and is a Christian from Osun State.

Ayo Ajewole (WoliAgba) is a Yoruba-Nigerian gospel comedian and also a gospel singer. He spent most of his childhood and teenage years in Ibadan as that was where his parent resided. WoliAgba is a Nigerian-based philanthropist who derives joy in making people happy with his comic acts despite the fact that he never did anything relating to theater acts during his school days. Speaking about school, Ayo attended Baptist Secondary School Oke Ado Ibadan in 1998 and graduated in 2004. He had his tertiary education at Lead City University, Ibadan where he studied Economics. Ayo Ajewole(WoliAgba) Is happily married to Olaife Ajewole and they have one child together. According to him, meeting his wife was one of the best miracles that had ever happened to him and was as though he had prayed about it….

In one of the interviews with Ayo Ajewole, he explained what prompted him into comedy and as well led to his limelight, he says, “Alfa Sule was the mistake of a man. We went to stage a drama somewhere which was titled “Soji, Mummy Soji, Daddy Soji and Alfa Sule. “This man was so interested in the drama, such that the only thing he could remember was the part played by Alfa Sule. This same man was at another program where he wanted us to perform. He was trying to refer to us by name but had forgotten our names. “Put Alfa Sule there” he ordered. When we arrived at the event and heard that Alfa Sule was asked to mount the stage and thrill the audience, we got confused and asked ourselves, who is Alfa Sule? He appeared and said “it is you guys. You performed a drama that has something to do with that name. I don’t know your name, but all I could remember is Alfa Sule” he enthused. And that was how the name was popularized in Ibadan in 2002.”


There have been several conflicting reports about LasisiElenu’s real name and other personal details about him ever since he broke into the spotlight. While some sites report that his real name is Adeyemi, others claim that he was named Nosa Afolabi after birth.  As for his age, which has been a subject of public interest, he claimed to be 22 years old during an interview with HipTV in April 2018. While a large number of his fans disagreed with him on his age, the Instagram sensation clearly maintained on his Instagram page that he did not lie about his age and that nobody should argue his age with him. He followed up his first post on Instagram with another statement that reads: “Can’t someone just be young in peace. Fresh young blood flowing through my veins I Tell you.” On the subject of his nationality, he was born and brought up in Nigeria. However, details on Elenu’s birthplace, birthday, birth month and year of birth are currently unavailable online.

Similarly, the comedian is yet to publicize the names of his parents and siblings, as well as information about his childhood, early life, and educational achievements.

Lasisi, no doubt, boasts a fast-growing career but it seems he isn’t quite ready for a serious relationship with any girl just yet. He is apparently in love with his career and seems to be very focused on it. At the moment, it is not known if the Instagram sensation is in a relationship, as he has no documented dating timeline.


Who is Maraji? Maraji’s real name is Gloria Oluruntobi and she was born on February 6, 1997. She has one sister and two brothers. She also seems family oriented as her mother is regularly featured on her skits.She is a 22-year old comedian, actor, singer and dancer from Edo State, though she grew up in Lagos.

In 2017, she graduated from Covenant University, Nigeria with a 2:1 in International Relations before completing her National Youth Service Corps. She is the comedian on Instagram that you see mimic numerous Nigerian peculiarities for humor and empirical relevance. She usually plays multiple roles in these videos and effortlessly switches between accents and vocal pitches to suit each character she plays, all in two minutes or under videos.

Through the years, she has worked to earn a reputation in an industry that only recognizes prowess or connections.

How she started

She started out uploading lip-sync videos on social media. Receiving fame from those videos, she moved into comedy skits.In an April 2016 with R2TV Breakfast Show, she claimed that her lip-sync sojourn started when she was in her third year, second semester while she was bored.She says a Nicki Minaj video led to her first lip-sync video. She says that she did a lip-sync of a Nicki Minaj song, and sent it to a friend who suggested she put it up.But she was reluctant due to fear of being mocked.The friend neglected her reservations and posted it on her behalf.From then on, they started lip-syncing together. But then, it reached a whole new level when she did a lip-sync of Reekado Bank’s song, Sugar Baby.He reposted the video which prompted people to start flocking to her page. She then did videos for Korede Bello and other acts. The response completely blew her away.She says, “people started making it feel like it was so special. I was like ‘it’s not that hard ooo’ and then they started making me feel like it was a real big thing, so I was like maybe it’s actually a talent.” From there on, she moved to mimicking comical videos and the story started. It is also obvious that she is very laid back and playful, and creates fun of even the slightest, overlooked things. Her strength includes relatable narratives, told with humor, accuracy, and other extras such as added pinches of underground exclamation or funny sound drops.


Chief Obi, who is best known  for being a comedian was born on November 12, 1994 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Rapper Olamide was featured on his 2017 single “Carry Go.” Chief Obi is a member of the famous Comedians list. Being an Instagram Comedian who rose to fame creating skits as a stereotypical African father on Vine, his social media success eventually led to him becoming the first ambassador for Vomoz Communications.


SLK or slkomedy is Nigerian acting comedian. funny man comedian, MC, actor, writer, and the voice behind “Lying Unilag Girl” on CoolFM and WazobiaFM gained popularity when he started featuring his comedy skits on Instagram.  After dropping his Dangote/Ice Prince video which went viral, SLK became one of the guys whose Instagram handle people would check constantly for comic relief. His skits were even sampled by Dbanj on one of his tracks. And Timi Dakolo also recognized him without any form of introduction when he ran into him in public. Now you know you are winning when even celebs become your fan. And of course, you are well on your way to becoming a biggie in the industry. Stand-up comedian and actor, Olu Salako, popularly known as SLK, describes himself as a comedy geek. SLK talked about how his mother had yet to embrace comedy as an art.

He said his mother always accuses him of lying on stage.“My mother still complains and asks me why I always lie on stage. She thinks my job is about lying. My mum is a strong Christian and I always tell her that everybody knows it’s a joke, but she insists that I always lie on stage,” he said. “She hasn’t embraced comedy as an art yet. Sometimes though, she actually laughs at my jokes. “Anytime people laugh hard on stage; that is my best moment as a comedian; however, sometimes people may not laugh as you expect but that is still one of the hazards of the job. Every job has its own hazards,” he said.

Salako, who is a graduate of Covenant University, Ota, added that his mum would prefer him to have a 9am to 5pm job. “My mum is not totally in support of me being a comedian yet. At the beginning of my career in comedy, it was worse. She has never been a fan of stand-up comedy, but she is coming to terms with it now. She would rather I engage in another profession,” he said. The comedian, who is popular for his BodaWasiu skits, where he always comments on trending issues using names of celebrities, shared why he adopted that character. “I just started one skit and it involved one certain character called BodaWasiu, and I noticed people liked the character. Therefore, that is why I decided to use the character for my skits. The love was amazing and that was what made me do more. I don’t want to call it serendipity but it’s almost like that. I have always had a flair for word-play, and I just needed a character that would be funny and witty at the same time.Most times, the people I talk about don’t get offended, it is usually the people around them that do. There was a time I mentioned someone’s name in my BodaWasiu skit and it was the younger sister of that person that sent me a direct message on Instagram, saying she didn’t like it, but usually I don’t reply such messages,” he said.

@oluwakaponeski   (mamatobi)

Next on our list is a comedian and social media personality, who is predominantly recognized for his alter ego character Mama Tobi. He is frequently posting sketch comedy bits on his oluwakaponeski Instagram account, where he has been verified.

Before Fame

He pursued a graduate degree in Business and Technology Management and was an active member of the United States Marine Corps. Family Life: He modeled his character Mama Tobi off of his own mother.


WofaiFada is a Nigerian MC, comedienne, actress and media personality. The 26-year-old Instagram celebrity commands a huge followership on social media thanks to her beauty and her ability to keep users laughing with her skits.


Wofai was born in Ugep Yakurr area of Cross River State, on 11th May, 1990. Born to teachers, Wofai had a middle-class up-bringing. She is the third of five children.


Wofaifada’s real name is Wofai Eguewa. Wofai attended her primary and secondary school in Calabar. The fast-rising social media sensation attended University of Calabar where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Media Studies.

She started releasing skits in 2014, as a casual hobby. This eventually turned into a huge sensation.  Her first TV appearance was MTN Lovers Ball in 2015.  She is currently a TV presenter on Ebony Life EL Rated. She was featured in the Wedding Party Part 2, a highly anticipated movie featuring lovebirds Banky Wellington and AdesuaUtomi. She is planning to start her own TV show, Wofai Show. In 2016, Wofai was awarded the National Comedy Award and Best Stand-Up Comedian of the Year.

My Flatmates, a popular Africa Magic sitcom depicting everyday lives of friends living together, features WofaiFada as Sandra Samuel Ovie alongside bigshots such as Basket Mouth.


Bayegun Oluwatoyin, who is popularly known as Woli Arole is a graduate of Psychology from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University. He began his career as a standup comedian and MC during his days as an undergraduate and was one of the top acts during his time in the institution. After graduating from the university, he went on to further his career as a comedian and has since risen in the industry. His breakthrough was the year he had won the second edition of Alibaba’s Spontaneity Competition. He followed that up with a viral video in which he attacked UNILORIN students. The students of the institution also replied and since then Woli Arole has continued making short comedy skits online.



Our next great talent narrowly made this list because he got verified on the same day that I am about concluding this list. So, let me congratulate this funny man that has been doing a great job in making us laugh.

“My training as a lawyer made me a smart and confident comedian” – Sani Michael aka MC Lively.

I am regularly intrigued by multi-talented personalities, especially individuals who explore their talents to take advantage of opportunities in the creative arts sector. One such person is Sani Michael who is also known as MC Lively.He trained as a Lawyer but now devotes time to recording wonderful comedy skits and performing as a stand-up comedian. In this interview, he tells me about his motivations and creative process, among other things.

MC Lively hails from Edo State. He is from a family of seven and grew up in Ile-Ife. He attended Ideal Nursery & Primary School, Ile-Ife before proceeding to Moremi High School and ObafemiAwolowo University, all in Ile-Ife.

When asked what motivated him to study Law, He responded with, “I didn’t choose Law until my third attempt at JAMB (I wasn’t exactly always the most brilliant student in class). It was always going to be Mass Comm for me but OAU didn’t have a Mass Communication Department and I really did not like the way Theatre Arts Students were being treated therefore, I was stuck with Law! But choosing law, I knew I was bound to have a lot of exposure and would be able to express myself”. He also says he has been into comedy all his life, from the days and nights spent watching Night of a Thousand Laughs (CDs) as a kid, to watching practically every sitcom he could come across in his teenage years. The chemistry has always been there, but started with MC’ing in 2013 then gradually metamorphosed into a comedian in 2015.

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