I’m having second thoughts about paying for my partner’s breast enlargement

DEAR DEIDRE: THE woman I have been seeing for the past three years has asked me to pay for her to have her breasts enlarged. I agreed but now I am having second thoughts.

It started on holiday when she became self-conscious about wearing a swimsuit. She signed up to a fitness course when we got home.

I think she is lovely just as she is. She is 43, I am 33. Being with her has enhanced my life no end.

She has now booked a consultation for an op. Her friends are trying to persuade her to go for a size up on the one she originally decided on.

DEIDRE SAYS: Breast enlargement surgery has risks.Tell your partner she is lovely as she is.

A fitness course is a great idea. It will improve her health as well as make her look even better.

Say you have worries about paying for surgery you don’t think she needs and which is a risk to her health. My eleaflet Unhappy With Your Breasts? can help her decide.

Credits: The Sun

Deidre Sanders

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