“Come On Nigeria, Give Me Some Hope”- Beautiful Nubia

These charlatans and fraudsters who we call royal fathers, spinning stupid, false tales and flaunting colours of empty arrogance, what is their purpose in this society? To cause chaos and enhance our retardation?

These common thugs, bloodthirsty, who run the motor parks, the streets, the markets and the government, they have all cleaned up well, they speak good English and send their children to school abroad. Now they populate the halls of power. An inhumane society deserves murderous leaders?

These men and women of God – Christians, Muslims and whatever – speaking in tongues of dishonesty and deceit, they pray their way into your befuddled head and your willing pockets and then plant their ill-gotten treasures on this earth, this same place they tell us is fleeting and cursed. They wield such influence, so much power, over the minds of millions and yet we see no positive change, no progress in the land. So you start to ask: is something wrong with the people, why do they still follow them like brainless idiots? “You can’t ask that”, they say, “no, you can’t. Things of God are beyond the grasp of human minds”. Yes brother, yes indeed! Keep teaching us then, lead us on to the perfect state of oblivion.

These teachers who don’t know what they teach. Professor this, Doctor that – but the works of their hands do not breed development. Eggheads we call them, eggheads in ivory towers – academics who lack the creativity and drive to indigenize and revolutionize education. Forever busy looking for the next promotion and more money. You ask, “Why can’t you do more?”; they say, “Well, if you try, the forces here will just grind you out and that’s the end of your career. So we just play along and do whatever we can to help the students”. Yes, they sound like egg heads to me. Easily broken by progressive ideas.

These business men and women, we like to celebrate them; oh yes, they made the Forbes list, but how come the country they operate from is a dump? And their trucks are everywhere destroying our roads and bridges, their factories employ thousands but they pollute the lungs of millions. Well, a price must be paid for industrialization! Yes, yes, we pay with our lives, we lay down on the broken asphalt when the trucks come bearing their goodies from the hinterland, we are the farmers who slaved for your harvest, the labourers only too happy to have the pittances you hand out. I hear you fuming, “Great individual wealth has always been built on the impoverishment of others”. Yes indeed, I read history too, I know what you mean. Ride on over me smoking truck of elegant capitalism!

And the wily politicians we hail on social media, how can they stand out in the open and beat their chests? The country they lead is a failed state, all their politicking and maneuvering, is it all just for money, for power, to what end? Perhaps they have not heard that if your community is not thriving then all your personal achievements are a joke? Everybody outside these borders laughs at us you know. Perhaps the leaders are too deaf to hear. This is what happens when you elevate mediocre minds into positions of great influence. They corrupt and cheapen everything, and it will take generations to clean up their foul, nauseating mess. When is the next colloquium in honour of the great leader? We shall gather merrily to share some lies, foolishness and backwardness.

These students who do not seek knowledge…well, why should they? This society rewards the wayward and the criminal, it doesn’t seem to like honest, hardworking folks. These children who need guidance, I meet them all the time. We could fill their heads with beautiful dreams, teach them to become masters of this environment, we could guide them with words and honest actions, we could make them into a perfect amalgam of traditional wisdom and modern knowledge, we could build a new generation that will rise above petty ethnic and religious yammering. The day you rise above your ethnic, gender and religious bigotry is the dawn of your liberation and true evolution into a complete human being. You do understand that, don’t you? Well if you don’t, you should go listen to an unsung bard called Beautiful Nubia, someday, the truth will unfurl in your mind and lift you to a pedestal of illumination and joy. You will suddenly realize you have been running about like blind mice while the truth has been staring you right in the face.

The other day the law-enforcers killed an innocent young man and you asked for my comments. What comments do you want – is this the first of such, will it be the last? Does anything seem right or sane to you here? So, you feel pain, really deep pain and sadness for this land, and you desire positive change? Well, you have to begin with yourself. Turn your back on greed and selfishness, and help others to do the same. Don’t give me “Only God can help us”, that lazy old line you always peddle. I disagree friend, the higher forces have done their bit, we must help ourselves now. It looks very difficult, almost impossible, but we are the hope for change, we and those around us whose minds are not permanently bent to evil.

Come on Nigeria (you this serially abused mongrel of British creation), give me some hope, give us some hope, damn it!


As copied from Segun Akinlolu’s Facebook page

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