Woman, 32, ‘dies after having five hours of non-stop drug-fuelled sex’

A COLOMBIAN woman died after having sex for five hours while taking drugs, according to reports.

The 32-year-old was said to have complained of feeling unwell before going into cardiac arrest in Cali, Colombia.

Known as “La Fiera” or “The Fair”, the woman is believed to have lost consciousness and begun “convulsing”, El Periodico reports.

Her male partner reportedly called for help but emergency services were taking too long to arrive.

He decided to wrap her in a sheet and rush her to the University Hospital del Valle in a taxi, it is claimed.

But medics could not save her and she died shortly after arrival.

It was after learning that his lover had passed away that the victim’s partner was said to have told detectives they had been having sex for five hours consecutively, and had consumed drugs to prolong the session.

Reports say that the investigation into her death will seek to establish whether or not the unspecified drugs caused her heart to stop.

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