“Makinde is Ready To Lead Oyo Out of Poverty”, Group Tells Adelabu’s Friends

A socio-political group in Oyo State, the Oyo Kajola Group, has maintained that the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Engr Seyi Makinde, “is well-prepared and ready to lead the state out of poverty, stagnation and misrule occasioned by the eight years of the All Progressives Congress (APC) under Senator Abiola Ajimobi”.

The group, in a response to a report by a group identified as Friends of Bayo Adelabu that Makinde was unprepared to govern the state in 2019 and that he should “go back and prepare for 2023,” said Makinde, by his actions, words and engagements with the people of the state, has shown that he is “far more prepared to be a humane, godfearing and a people-centric governor than Chief Bayo Adelabu, the group’s paymaster, could ever be.”

In a statement signed by its media coordinator, Taiwo Ogunlade, the Oyo Kajola Group noted that the people of the state will look beyond words in electing the next governor of the state.

The Oyo Kajola Group maintained that Adelabu took his “legendary arrogance too far by trying to play God or equate himself with the vast majority of Oyo State people” with the statement that Makinde should drop out of the race, adding that the people of the state will, on March 2, tell Adelabu that they cannot endure another four years of executive arrogance and deception.”

The statement admonished Adelabu to allow Oyo State people to decide on who is prepared to govern Oyo State between him and Makinde who the group described as ‘brilliant, honest and humble, despite his matchless credential as an internationally-acclaimed expert in the oil industry”.

“It is saddening that Adelabu and his minions took the people of Oyo State for fools; they wrongly judged Makinde for his absence at debates or performance therein, forgetting that they cannot be judged in such matters.

“Unfortunately for Adelabu, however, the next governorship election in Oyo State will not be determined by how fast a candidate can speak or how boastful he is; it will be about the people and the people of Oyo State have seen the APC’s true colour as a violent, deceptive and untrustworthy party that does not mean well for the state.

“The people of Oyo State have noted the violence and brigandage that is common with the APC’s campaign; they will not forget the disruption of peace and order by APC thugs in different areas of the state capital and they certainly will not forget the blood of the innocent shed in Ibarapa. And if we are even to address the performance at debates; the people of Oyo State know the candidate that is confused, who says continuity in one breath and challenges the performance of the Ajimobi-led state government in another.

“Most importantly, the people of Oyo State have decided to elect Makinde, who has clearly spelt-out policies to lift the state out of poverty through agricultural revolution and social inclusion. Since 2000, Makinde has been in the business of lifting people out of poverty and improving lives while Adelabu was still learning the ropes in the banking sector and so, Makinde is clearly more prepared as a person and as a governorship candidate than Adelabu could ever be,” the statement said.

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