“I’ll Make Sure Political Appointees Don’t Get Salaries Before Workers”, Seyi Makinde Promises

The Peoples Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate in Oyo State, Engr. Seyi Makinde has said that the welfare of the state’s civil servants will take precedence over that of the political office holders when he becomes the state governor.
In a release from his campaign organisation, signed by Prince Dotun Oyelade, Makinde said that it is morally and constitutionally wrong for a government to pamper politicians at the detriment of toiling workers.
‘I will first of all take care of workers’ salaries before considering those of politicians and there will be enough to go round’ the PDP candidate said.
Engr Makinde said that the Ajimobi administration has a record of mistreating workers in the past seven and a half years as he recalled a 2016 incident when seven union leaders were detained, refused bail and remained in detention for five days. This he said can only happen in a military regime.
This among others show clearly that this government cannot impose anyone on the workers to continue the regime of workers’ intimidation.

Makinde warned that any plans to rig the election will meet with a brickwall as the attempt to practise what happened in Osun State will fail woefully because the circumstances are sharply different.
If truly the outgoing administration is popular, the governor will not need to be distributing branded garri and kulikuli for those he has governed for almost eight years.

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