“How Fayose and Ladi Adebutu Betrayed Me” – Buruji Kashamu

Senator Buruji Kashamu, the Senator representing Ogun East Senatorial District has disclosed that he was betrayed by the immediate past Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, who he described as a ‘former friend’ and Honourable Ladi Adebutu, who is in contention for the governorship position of Ogun State.

Kashamu who got the governorship ticket of a faction of the Peoples Democratic Party for Ogun State made the assertion while speaking on Dende Oro, a Fresh FM programme in Ibadan. He affirmed that the Executive Committee of the party that conducted the primaries that produced him was the authentic one. “Ladi does not have what it takes to be Governor and he cannot face me. He does not have the capacity. He is not up to it”, Kashamu said. Speaking further on how Adebutu emerged as a candidate of the faction, the Senator said “Fayose who used to be my friend supported him. He also got support from Governor Nyesome Wike of Rivers State. At the PDP convention, they brought Akinwonmi from Ondo State; he was formerly in Labour Party. He and Ladi were my boys before they became betrayers. The exco that produced the primaries that produced him is unknown to law; there is no subsistent judgment binding on INEC and PDP to create another structure. The position he is claiming is not one he can lay claim to. If he is giving people at the national level his father’s money, he won’t achieve anything with that”.

Senator Kashamu also posited that with the subsistent judgment, “whatever they do with Adebutu is illegal. The situation is like comparing someone who built his house on the rock and someone who built his on the sand. When the storm comes, one will surely fall.”

Describing himself as a man of impeccable character, Senator Buruji Kashamu said “all my political followers are like my family, they know me as a straightforward person and I relate with them in truthfulness. My countless followers in Ogun State and the entire South West know me as a trustworthy person who does not betray his friends”.

When asked about the zoning of the governorship to Ogun West, Kashamu did not mince words in saying “Governor Ibikunle Amosun and the APC are the ones pushing for Ogun West. The truth of the matter is that everybody wants Ogun West, I do too. I supported them twice but they did not win. Don’t forget that Chief Olusegun Obasanjo brought Olurin and with all our efforts, God said Amosun and the APC would have it. In 2011, Gboyega Nasir Isiaka, who is from Imeko Afon came out on the PPN platform.  He came again in 2015, I supported him fully. I don’t believe in marginalization, I believe in ensuring that things are balanced. We all supported Gboyega Isiaka but eventually, Amosun won. Those eight years, we supported Ogun West but things didn’t happen as we wanted.

Ahead of 2019, we saw that it is the turn of Ijebus from Ogun East. Almost 35 years have passed since Chief Olabisi Onabanjo was governor. Aremo Olusegun Osoba and others have come. Remember our leader, Otunba Gbenga Daniel came from Remo, after which it became the turn of Ogun Central where Governor Amosun comes from. We have supported Yewa twice, now it is the turn of Ijebu. Ogun West had the opportunity twice but God did not consent to it”.

Senator Kashamu also stated that “Ladi is from Remo, though we are one but the Federal Constituency he is claiming is where Dapo Abiodun is. That is where Otunba Gbenga Daniel comes from. Ijebu proper is where it should go to now”.

On the suffering being experienced by the bulk of the population, Kashamu said “today, we know that people in West Africa are suffering, we are not like the world powers yet. We are just trying. African leaders need to unite, we have the mineral resources, if they are properly utilized, no Nigerian or African should suffer. With what we have been endowed with, no Nigerian should suffer”.

When the programme’s anchor asked if he could still work with Honourable Ladi Adebutu, Senator Buruji Kashamu replied that “there is no one I cannot work with. No one becomes Governor all by himself. It is not that Ladi told me that he wants to be Governor. He started this game of betrayal in 2015. If he had come to me that ‘my brother, I want to be Governor’, I could have supported him. Not just because he is my boy but because I like his father”.

Senator Kashamu did not leave without a word of advice for the people of Ogun State against vote buying. “Ogun people are responsible, they have dignity, they will not sell their votes. If you bring money and they see that you don’t have the interest of the state at heart, they won’t vote for you. They know what is good for Ogun State and they will vote to develop Ogun State.

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