“Demand Good Governance”, Sarumi-Aliyu Advises Youths

The governorship candidate of the National Interest Party in Oyo State, Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu has urged voters in the state to vote for substance and not make money a criterion for voting during the general elections. She stated this in a New Year message.

“We should also appreciate God’s love in our lives, especially for keeping us alive. Let us also strive to make positive changes to the lives of the less privileged”, Sarumi-Aliyu said.

She went on to call for a change of “the old mindset that the world is centered around us. God wants us to endeavor to lift our brothers and sisters up”. While pointing out that the essence of being alive is to help others, she urged Nigerians, especially youths to volunteer their knowledge or skills in order to help the less privileged.

“Become a mentor and give back to the society, make a change that will positively affect future generations. Demand good governance from 2019 onward. To achieve this, we must all go out and vote. Do not vote for money, vote for substance”.

The unusual New Year message also came with a number of questions and advice for the youths of Nigeria. “Are you still the future of tomorrow? Will old men of retirement age continue to rule us?  When will it be your chance to serve your people? Will you continue to waste your talents on social media buying data just to post pictures of yourself or will you make a change that truly affects the future of Nigeria?

Enough is enough, lets claim back Nigeria and create a future for all.

Let’s take our own destiny into our hands and begin to live fulfilled lives. This should be your New Year resolution”.


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