‘Almost 1 million PVC’s Yet To Be Collected in Oyo State’- Oyo INEC Commissioner

The Resident Electoral Commissioner of the Independent National Electoral Commission in Oyo State, Barrister Mutiu Agboke has declared that the number of permanent voters’ cards still waiting for collection is enough to win an election. He said 914,529 PVCs are yet to be collected in the state.

Barrister Agboke, who made the declaration while speaking at a lecture organised in Ibadan by the Oyo State chapter of the Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria, gave the number of PVCs so far collected as 248,064 while 103,737 voters transferred their PVCs to Oyo State.

Agboke, while cautioning online journalists to embrace professionalism stated that “the social media is beneficial but if we censor what we read, most of the facts are not verifiable”.

He also urged media professionals to be abreast of all necessary knowledge. He made it known that people raise suspicion about everything INEC does because they lack knowledge.

“Now in the South West, no political party can claim to be a super power. Now they are looking for PVC to buy. Those are the security reports we got. They are looking for what is not available”. Speaking further, Agboke assured that “there is no PVC anywhere. No INEC official in Oyo State will sell PVC to anybody; none of our staff will compromise. We are monitoring”.

The Resident Electoral Commissioner also stated that some politicians want INEC to give them PVCs to go and distribute. Barrister Mutiu Agboke however stressed that the gimmick being used by politicians is already known. “Many of those who registered are out of town. Some were mobilized during the election and they have gone elsewhere. And we have told them we are not giving anybody any PVC, there is no collection by proxy.

Instead of looking for PVC to buy or offering to go and distribute on our behalf, we will ask where their people are. We will take the PVC there and distribute”.

Speaking about INEC’s neutrality, Agboke said “I have nothing to hide in Oyo State. We held election in Eruwa and we declared the winner. INEC will declare whoever wins in 2019 and there is nothing anyone can do about that”.

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