Tee Mac Loses Customized Flute, Offers ‘Finder’s Reward’

Nigeria’s number one flutist and former President of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN), Tee Mac Iseli lost one of his favourite flutes after recording a music video on Saturday. 

On the way home, he realized the flute, a Sankyo model, might have been left behind. By the time he sent his son, who makes music videos to check, the flute was gone.

Tee Mac has offered whoever finds the flute, which got lost in Ikeja a handsome reward.

“Filmed a promo video yesterday with my male dancers in Alausa Ikeja yesterday Saturday the 3rd November and something really bad happened to me. After filming on the road from the Ikeja Mall to the Lagos State House of Assembly they packed up but forgot my latest, expensive “SANKIO” Silver Flute in a black box under a tree. On the way back home I had a premonition and asked: where is my Flute! Nobody knew. I called Joseph who lives in Ikeja to go and look for it around 7 pm. But the Flute was gone! I am offering a good reward for anybody who finds it and returns it to me!”, Tee Mac posted on his Facebook wall on Sunday.

The Anchor Online‘s findings revealed that a handmade Sankyo silver flute could cost as much as $ 9,000 or more.

Years ago, Tee Mac had been reportedly dispossessed of a platinum flute at gun point.


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