Veteran Actor, Ajimajasan Dies 11 Days After Baba Sala

While Baba Sala, Apostle Moses Olaiya Adejumo’s transition is still being spoken about in and outside the entertainment world, another veteran comedian, Ola Omonitan, better known as Ajimajasan has died.

He died in the early hours of Thursday at the age of 82.
His feldest child, Ajike confirmed the news in a telephone conversation with Dare Adeniran, a journalist shortly after he passed on.
Adeniran had gone to visit the ailing actor few days before then.
Ajimajasan had earlier been admitted at the University College Hospital, UCH, some weeks back.
After medical examinations at the hospital, he was discovered to be suffering from an enlarged heart, spinal cord problem and prostrate cancer, for which he underwent a surgical procedure sometime ago.
The spinal cord issue was as a result of a car crash that left him
It was gathered that Ajimajasan could not be operated upon again due to his age and frail stature; as a result of that, the family was advised to take him home.
He was discharged from the hospital on Monday morning.
Findings revealed that Pa Omonitan was a member of Baba Sala’s group before he left to form his Ola Omonitan Theater Group five decades ago.
In his comedy series, he interpreted the role of Ajimajasan, an able-bodied man who would rather not work but relied on handouts from his elder sister. He often got into trouble in the series with which he taught about the disadvantages of laziness.
The younger generation would remember him as Baba No Regret, a role he played in Omo Araye Le, which was followed by Bata Wahala, a serial drama he produced in the early 1990s.
One of those who started with Ajimajasan’s group was Alhaji Bashiru, fondly called “Oloye Ajere” . Jacob, Papalolo and Aderupoko, who later formed “Jesters International” were also part of his group.
Ajimajasan also mentored Otunba Kola Olootu, an award winning broadcaster.

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