Why I Treat Women With Cryptic Pregnancy For Free -Dr Adebayo

As a trado-medical practitioner, Dr. Adeyinka Adebayo is a man with adequate experience; having practiced herbal medicine for about 20 years. Recently, he spoke about the existence of ‘cryptic pregnancy’ and why he is offering free treatment to three women across Nigeria with cases of ‘cryptic pregnancy’. The trado-medical practitioner also treats diseases such as hypertension, stroke, diabetes, fibroid, general cancer, epilepsy and kidney disease.


What really is cryptic pregnancy? Not many people believe such condition exists.


It is true that not many people believe that such pregnancy exists. A cryptic pregnancy is a condition where there is little or no detectable HCG in the mother’s system. The foetus may go undetected by the mother and doctors, until delivery. Some of these women do not know that they are even pregnant and some of them do.


But why is it that many people, including some medical practitioners don’t seem to recognize its existence?


It is true that some people and even medical practitioners do not recognize that this kind of pregnancy exists out of ignorance. The reason is that among pregnant women, 1 in 450 doesn’t know her status until week 20 or later. And 1 in 2,500 is oblivious until she actually goes into labour.  You can see the reason why many are not aware.


So what signs does a woman with cryptic pregnancy present?


Signs may vary but the general signs of cryptic pregnancy are negative urine and blood pregnancy test, continued period bleeding, typical pregnancy symptoms, and at times, negative ultrasounds.  Even with these signs, the woman continues to experience pregnancy symptoms including the sensation of foetal movement. Most women do not realize that they are pregnant due to negative tests report, continued periods, little or no symptoms and the fact that they believe their doctors, when they are told they are not pregnant. Many of these women were told they could not have children, they are on birth control or even have had their tubes tied.


In an abnormal situation like this, how can the babies be delivered?


Due to the fact that some of these women with cryptic pregnancies do not believe that they are pregnant and because many doctors will tell them that they are not; they resign to fate. In actual sense, those who are very observant among them will notice changes in their bodies. Because of this, they are faced with going through an entire pregnancy without prenatal care, without medical confirmation of the pregnancy, without support from friends and family.

What we do is to first of all determine if the pregnancy is due because it takes between 17 months or even years for such baby to be delivered. After we have determined if the pregnancy is due, we then place the woman on our herbal medicine which will induce labour by opening up the womb and the woman delivers safely. In many cases, the babies are small but will develop with time.


You are known to offer free treatment often, will women with cryptic pregnancies benefit from this? As in will they get free delivery? 


Yes three lucky women across Nigeria who are fortunate to call will benefit. As a matter of fact, one of my patients with cryptic pregnancy just delivered an healthy baby in Edo state few months ago.



NB: Dr. Adebayo can be reached on 08167503188 and 09093517566


40 thoughts on “Why I Treat Women With Cryptic Pregnancy For Free -Dr Adebayo

    1. this is nice __am not a tradomedic,, but I can help you with delivery, because this is the problem CP mothers faces today,,,well if you are ready am ready,, wassap me on 08100309574 or call if you can 09063470130

  1. Ur study is something I’m interested on, but which state are u, to see if its something I’ll come down, calling d no wont be enough if d place is far.

    1. hello ma I also help women to deliver,, I am a medical doctor by profession,, here is my number, 09063470130. IMO state Dr mr Francis is my name,

    1. wow,, anyway I share your pain,,, women are in pain in the name of cryptic pregnancy:: well I will be of help to you,, all you need is your baby to come to the normal womb well positioned and your cervix needs to be open and you have a free and safe delivery,, wassap me on 08100309574 or call if you can 09063470130

  2. Hello I am 4 yrs n 8 mos. How will I be able to get the help I need from you living in NYC. How will I b able to get these herbs from u n what us the cost. Thank you in advance. I pray that u can help me in this matter.

    1. help can come from anywhere if you are willing to accept it ,watsapp me on 08100309574 or call 09063470130

  3. I am currently living in FT. Collins Co, I have been CP pregnant for 2yrs 4 mo, thanks for your ever needed support. I currently have given up on help from any doctors, I have been turned away, many times my HCG levels were at one point high to get a positive test, however after my first period the levels stabilised under the radar! I was then told there is no way my pregnancy was viable, I went home discpuraged, I eventually just new I was still having symptoms, I had miscarriages before and I new my baby was not dead, my uterus continued to grow as I did not head the recommendations of doctors to scrap my womb!

  4. Hello Dr. Adebayo, thank you so much for believing in cryptic pregnancy. I hope and pray that there will be more doctors in the world like you. I am currently 2 years and 10 months into cryptic pregnancy.

  5. Am living in South Africa going through cp am 1year 11month need your help how can one get you I have all symptoms of pregnancy I believe I am pregnant,did all blood test both negative blood and urine,please help us I have whatsaap group here in South Africa for cp we need you help we so frustrated about our situation,

  6. Thank you for providing this service. I’m willing to donate to your medical practice. I’m currently 1 year cryptic pregnant, with a 32 cm uterus. But a long flight to you would be uncomfortable.

  7. I have fibroid & for the past two years no period but i noticed my breast sometimes add & sometimes reduce, my navel is a deep navel i noticed is coming out please Dr could it be pregnancy, i have done blood pregnancy test but negative, went for scan it only show fibroid, iam confused

  8. Im karen from colorodo springs im going through a cryptic pregnancy as well im guessing im around 16 months and am tired of being like this no dr hepls and all my test and ultrasound are negitive all the dr think im nutts and i am almost 40 years of age i have high blood pressure and elevated liver as well i need help before its to late i beed to have this baby i weighed 111 before this and am now 190 please help me

    1. I understand how you feel and what you are passing through OK, is well and I can be of help to you,, I don’t know where you at,,as for me I am in Nigeria and u have helped a lot of women with CP,,,, all you need to do is wassap me on 08100309574 or call if you can 09063470130 ,,,,I will welcome you. ,,, remember not all the health expert have the experiences of CP

  9. qkovkdtiv,A fascinating discussion is definitely worth comment. I do think that you ought to publish more on this topic, it may not be a taboo kluycoiu,subject but generally folks don’t talk about such subjects. To the next! All the best!!

  10. Im also having same issue now after 5weeks confirmation of my pregnancy for me to go for foetal pole in 7weeks I was told its fibriod and not baby

    1. My friend was told this same thing but after her treatment she delivers her babies without millions , glory be to God. 09018312578 call I will gist you how her own happened, don’t worry I will help you,

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