Franchisee, Femi Babalola Speaks on The Difference at Ibadan’s New Mr. Bigg’s Outlet

Not only is the new Mr. Bigg’s outlet at Challenge, Ibadan strategically located, it is also a game changer. It is a game changer in that it has added to the colour of Ring Road, which has become the action spot for revelers in the ancient city. The ambience it offers is incomparable.

The Anchor Online spoke with the franchisee, Dr. Femi Babalola at the official opening. When asked whether the standard with which the quick service restaurant would be sustained, Babalola answered in the affirmative. “This will be sustained because we have the experience, we have the commitment and we have put in so much investment to encourage us and motivate us and beyond this, we want to expand even the more”.

On what they outlet would be doing differently, he said “Mr. Bigg’s in the last two years actually improved on the menu. They have also improved on the taste. And they are coming with new ambience. Beyond the snacks, we serve local meals. We serve amala and gbegiri, we serve pounded yam and various types of soup. We also serve varieties of rice, fried rice, jolloff rice, local rice, Chinese rice, we serve asaro, moin moin and we also serve varieties of breakfast so that when you are going to the office in the morning you can come in and take your snacks. Good breakfast. We also serve lunch and dinner so anytime you come here, you find a type of food that meets the occasion and meets the time of the day. So you can be sure that whatever you want, we offer it to you”.

Babalola is not new in the quick service restaurant business. He started about nine years ago with the Mr. Bigg’s outlet in Akobo and Gbagi, both of which are still doing well. One thing he is never afraid to discuss is the outlet’s unique selling point. “The corporate governance is the unique selling point. You can trust our meals because they are prepared in a highly hygienic environment. Our unique quality is also the ambience. We have come with a brand that carries a new picture, a new environment and besides that we have very good and competent hands. So we are sure of our competitive advantage over other restaurants”.

Why quick service restaurants and not other businesses, we asked. Dr. Babalola’s response was  “first, the cash flow. People must eat and when they want to do, they must explore their pockets. So we are sure of daily cash. Two, it borders on agriculture. The products we use here dovetail to various agricultural products. We also think that for a restaurant, you employ many people so we are looking at satisfying the society, getting cash in and going into a business that is sustainable. Those are the reasons”.

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