Professor Soji Adejumo Declares Governorship Ambition, Promises To Make Oyo Financially Independent

David Olusoji Adejumo, a renowned Professor of Animal Psychology has stated that the current state of education in Oyo state demands a radical and committed approach to curriculum development, teaching and learning. He made the assertion on Tuesday while declaring his gubernatorial ambition at a well attended event at the All Progressives Congress Secretariat, Oke Ado, Ibadan.

Adejumo, a former Chairman of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) disclosed that his ambition is borne out of a careful assessment of the state of affairs of Oyo State and the need to raise the bar of governance riding above the momentum achieved by current and past leaders.

“I intend to make Oyo State an economically independent state within an integrated Southwest region that will emerge in a restructured state with powers shared equitably and proportionally based on naturally and artificially vested resources”, Adejumo said.

Speaking on the type of Governor the state needs, he said “Oyo State requires a governor who can deliver and achieve this goal with clarity of mind and purpose and without any physical, psychological or moral weaknesses. I intend to be that Governor.  Oyo State must realise its own definitive aspirations and I intend to do be the driver that will drive the state to that destination”.

He went on to list education, the economy, youths and entrepreneurship as well as key areas of focus. “I intend to wean Oyo State from the retrogressive national curriculum that is moribund and outdated.  I shall strengthen and holistically review the curriculum with new content and with special emphasis on teaching and learning syllabi in technology and the arts from the Basic school to Secondary school. The national Curriculum will just be the basic minimum standards for Oyo State. Subjects that will teach Information Technology, Software Programming and Robotics will be taught at the junior and senior secondary school levels”.

While noting that Oyo State has a strategic potential to be the food crops basket of the nation, Professor Adejumo pointed out that “with a land size of 28,454 square kilometers, 80 percent of which is arable land cutting through two vegetation zones, Oyo State is capable of producing zone specific crops of domestic and commercial values”. He went on to assert that “the state can support farmers’ cooperatives and farming ventures to the tune of at least 3,500 hectares each in at least 18 local governments and commercial livestock production and ranches in about 5 local governments”.

Adejumo also made it clear that if he becomes Governor, herdsmen attacks would be eradicated. He said Agricultural land use and development programme which shall be backed by an edict of the State House of Assembly would be made into a state law. With that, he assured that “no external farmer will bring in herds into Oyo state without a license approved by the law”.



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