“Stomach Infrastructure Money is Going Into Fayose’s Pocket” – Senator Arise

One time Senator and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress,  Ayo Arise, on Thursday alleged that the funds for the much spoken about ‘stomach infrastructure’ of the Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose actually go into the Governor’s pocket. He made this assertion while speaking on a Channels TV programme.

“Fayose has inflicted a lot of suffering on the people of Ekiti. I can say it on authority, when Fayemi was in power; he was paying the elderly N 5,000 every month to kind of make them feel that the government cares. All these programmes were cancelled by Ayo Fayose. So people are now asking questions. When Fayemi was there, every local government was mandated to tar at least five kilometers of road within their territory”, he affirmed.

Speaking further, he said “I followed them on the campaign trail, everywhere we got to Fayemi pointed to the roads and the things that they did. We campaigned for PDP the other time because we thought Fayose was a changed person. He told us he was a changed person and we believed him. Now the people of Ekiti have realized the kind of person he is”.

When the anchors of the programme asked about the deployment of security personnel and using it to advantage, especially as regards rigging, Arise said I think the truth of the matter is this, if Fayose is complaining, we should ask him what he did when he wanted to win the election. We should ask him if they didn’t deploy military or they didn’t deploy police. Let me tell you upfront, every incumbent either here or in America has a unique advantage. The President flies the presidential jet to campaign free of charge. You as somebody challenging him you don’t have such facility so it not here alone that there is an advantage in that you are controlling the federal power”.

The APC chieftain however assured that the election would be free and fair. The truth of the matter is that nobody will be debarred from voting.  During the last election, even in spite of all the paraphernalia of office that Fayose got, we still went to the poll, we voted, people were allowed to vote, nobody was disenfranchised and this is the same situation. Nobody will be deprived of his right to vote. Ad people will be allowed to vote without intimidation”.

Meanwhile, the Ekiti State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Gboyega Oguntuwase spoke on the alleged attack on Governor Fayose. He said “what happened yesterday was obscene and it is an unusual thing in a civilized society. We were having a normal walk to the pavilion to worship our God. The police had said they didn’t want us on the street and we decided to go into the pavilion where you have the Eleka Campaign office to praise our God. The awesome-looking Nigerian policemen, known for their defiance to civilization attacked the Governor of the state, slapped him, used gun butt to hit him on the neck and started shooting at innocent people, teargasing us as if they want to repeat the ethnic cleansing in Plateau State.

We start to wonder whether there is any democracy or any expectation of sane democracy in Nigeria. Yesterday was bad. It is a bad signal to the whole world but a clear definition of the personality of Buhari”.

Meanwhile, The Anchor Online got the response of a former Finance Commissioner in Ekiti State, Bayo Aina on the alleged attack. He summed it up thus: “Dateline : Democracy day 2005 at Mugbagba junction Ado Ekiti. The Alliance for Democracy,  the main opposition party to Dr. Peter Fayose’s PDP was inaugurating it’s local executive that fateful Saturday afternoon.

The date coincided with the day fixed for a ward election for the position of councilor in a ward in Ifaki which had earlier been declared for a PDP member but which was subsequently  voided by the Ekiti State election tribunal. Rather than declare a winner, the tribunal ruled for a rerun.

The rerun unfortunately led to the loss of a precious life and till date, the victim and his family are still waiting for justice.

Anyway ,  long story cut short. We all were at the inauguration scene when all of a sudden we started hearing gunshots. The shots were steadily approaching. One of my aides thought it was tear gas and he quickly soaked some handkerchiefs in kerosene to give to members of my team. It was then Navy Captain Olubolade raised an alarm “those are live bullets gentlemen “.  Live bullets were being fired at our rally! That was the end of the program. Everybody ran for their dear lives.

It turned out that at the very front of the hostile team was Governor Fayose himself.  Luckily we all escaped without any fatality.

The governor thereafter supervised the vandalisation of the vehicles that couldn’t leave the scene early enough. At the end of the harassment, he was thoroughly spent and his aides started pouring sachet water on him right on the street. He had bared his fangs. He was exhausted. We were scared …for a while.

About 18 months after this incidence, in October 2006, his tenure came to an abrupt end.

Today, 13 years later he had his own planned rally disrupted by circumstances totally beyond his control. And life goes on”.

Corroborating Aina’s narration, O. Akintola said “I remember the Mungbagba incident. I ran for cover under a shed. It was the same day he went to Ifaki for another operation. A leopard can never change its color”.

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